Music Producer . Composer . Mix Engineer.

Los Angeles, CA


Music is a time machine. When you listen to an old favorite song, you jump back in time. You find yourself feeling everything you felt then, but with the spirit of today.

Rob Romano is an experienced music producer, mix engineer, songwriter, composer and guitarist. 


He operates from his recording studio located in the heart of the North Hollywood Art District  (Los angeles) where he has been producing, mixing and writing several genres ranging from Rock, Pop, Metal, Film scoring and more.


He also works and collaborates with other recording studios such as Record Plant (Lady gaga, Florence And The Machine, Lana Del Rey) ES audio and Landsberg Studios.


He produced, mixed and recorded material for numerous artists, and collaborated with names such as Jens Bogren (Opeth, At The Gates, Symphony X, Between the buried and me) as well as drummer George Kollias (Nile).  He has been producing material or writing for local artists such as Gallant (Warner records) Jamie Parsons, Highwaves, Kelvin Frazier as well as teaching music production techniques, and bringing forward his own band and his own music.


- Music Production

- Songwriting / Arranging

- Mixing

- Music Recording

- Editing

- Mastering 

- Scoring and Orchestral programming

- Drums / Beat Programming

- Vocal tuning

- Guitar / Bass re-amping

Some of the artist Rob has worked with in his Los Angeles recording studio

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